Professional Development

Leadership and Management Coaching

Don’t let the current situation hold up your professional development Remote coaching is available

Concerned that you’re…

Not getting the results you need?

Not as effective as you need to be as leader or manager?

Need to develop your ‘manager-as-coach’ role?

Need sharper planning and prioritising habits?

The satisfaction you want is being eroded by stress?

Need to clarify your thinking on some complex performance issues?

Performance Coaching with Forté Career & Business Designs will enable you to radically improve on issues like these and move forward strongly, to get on track and stay there.

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Executives, senior staff and team members, are under pressure to succeed beyond current performance. They are seeking individual support, training and coaching from independent experts like Forté.

“Forté Career & Business Designs have great teaching and coaching systems, which … assisted us as individuals (personal development through subtle coaching) to embrace the principles and practices (pursuit of excellence) and operate our business accordingly.”
SN (Company Director, Professional Consulting Services)

The challenge of better performance

We work with critical thinking frameworks to …

  • Trouble-shoot self-management skills – including time, planning, meeting management and team dynamics
  • Develop high-end communication skills – presenting effectively, persuading, listening, managing conversational safety, dealing with diversity and many other skills that enable leadership qualities to flourish.
  • Lower your levels of stress and tension – work/life balance issues

Effective communication

Professional development often means personal performance issues need to be addressed for those who wish to perform at their best and attain a sense of personal fulfilment and well-being.

“I’ve been successfully using the communications skills that you taught me
to improve my relationships with everyone in the business”

Strong self-management

Managers and executives wanting to create successful, productive, vibrant teams must improve effectiveness in all areas impacting business outcomes – starting with themselves. This is a higher standard than just improving efficiency and productivity. Forté teaches and coaches a huge range of insights and skills central to increased effectiveness.

“I now have an automatic habit of planning my week and it keeps me on top of my workload. The tools you introduced are simple and logical, which enables me to stick with the task at hand AND keep the big picture in place.” L. J.

Leadership development

What does ‘leadership’ mean for you in your situation, today? Forté is expert at unpacking what leadership and performance excellence actually mean for you given your actual work situations and career aspirations.

“… these communications skills also allowed me to win the Emerging Leaders Network scholarship with my professional body”

Strong results focus

Our approach to training and coaching is strongly behavioural and results oriented. Theory is interesting, but it’s results that really matter.

“I was just approached by my manager about a promotion, so obviously the
changes are being noticed by more than just me. So, I am really delighted! Thank you.” ND

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Fran in front of the drawing board

Frances Harré

BA Soc Sci, Grad Cert Career Dev

Max in front of the drawing board

Max Harré

MSc, MA, BSc, Dip Tch

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