Workshops Testimonials

Custom Workshop Development

I have had considerable experience working with human resource development consultants and training providers of one kind or another and I believe Max is an exemplary training developer and provider.   We worked together to develop a programme which was tailored to meet the needs of the participants.

Not only was the content relevant and challenging, the delivery was engaging and of the highest standard …. Max brought curiosity, creativity, a clear analytical mind, stamina and a determination to find lasting solutions. F.M (Senior Manager in large corporate organisation)

Comments from corporate Workplace Effectiveness Workshop

  • Extremely well facilitated, extremely useful information and a good balance of interaction
  • Very interesting and thought provoking, innovative and useful
  • The workshop was very inspiring, and Frances has the ability to get things out into the open
  • Structures & processes, notes and information, brief exercises, all led to practical steps I can take
  • Dealing with obstacles, identifying objections, how to overtake them, how to talk about them constructively – very, very valuable

Case Comment

Coaching & Teaching for Performance and Culture

You understand the principles, practices and disciplines required to build a strong, sustainable and successful consultancy and you impart this knowledge to your clients very effectively – to me your method of teaching is systematic (but flexible), creative and you do it caringly.

The key learning for me has been how the strength of a successful business comes from developing a strong brand, recognizing the brand value and maintaining it. You understand this and have communicated it to all staff very effectively.

Forté Career & Business Designs have great teaching and coaching systems, which helped us (technical people) understand the fundamentals of developing and running a successful business – from individual behaviour to the kind of marketing that works to get new clients in our sector.

You assisted us in developing our own vision and set of principles and practices to operate by. For example, you taught and coached us to develop our set of principle-based behavioural practices to underpin our Brand Value, and the importance of how Brand Value growth is really based in each individual in the business delivering consistent performance based on these principles and practises.

You helped us directors and senior staff to understand the value of (and enjoy!) working on the business, not just in the business.

You assisted us as individuals (personal development through subtle coaching!) to embrace the principles and practices (pursuit of excellence) and operate our business accordingly.

You show genuine interest and delight in the success of your clients.

You are ever present to help us as individuals and as a company to deal with difficult issues as they arise and with growth and consolidation. Your teachings have infused (not always consciously) into the workings of our business, which has significantly contributed to our culture and brand value.

Best money we have ever spent.  S.N. (Founding Company Director)