Am I Ready Yet?

Many people consider improving or changing their career or employment situation, but never do anything about it … until forced to.

The key question to ask yourself is “What will it take to motivate me to begin my enquiry into expanded horizons?”
Here are nine questions that will help you clarify your position, decide what a next step could be, and if you should take it now.

To Change or Not to Change? That is the Question

  1. How does your lack of direction or feeling stuck or confused impact your life right now? For example, do you bound out of bed on a workday morning or do you wish you could sleep for the week? Are you content with work life or are your stress levels through the roof?
  2. How does your dissatisfaction impact your attitude, performance or productivity at work? Who do you think might be noticing your dissatisfaction?
  3. How does your career dissatisfaction affect other people like your spouse, children, friends, and colleagues? Have you asked them?
  4. What do you think your dissatisfaction costs you in terms of money – directly and indirectly? For example, some people say that because they’re unhappy in their work they find themselves compensating by spending more on things they normally wouldn’t, like food, clothes, books or alcohol.
  5. If you decided that you need to make a change with your job or career, or improve your effectiveness at work, do you have the courage to actually do it? For example, some people say that the longer they put off taking the next step, the more their confidence gets eroded and the harder it is to get going.
    What would give you a confidence boost? How can you get that?
  6. Fast-forward two years. If you are still in the same situation as you are now, how will you feel? What will those around you be saying – those who are bearing the brunt of your current dissatisfaction, uncertainty, stress?
  7. When it really matters to be where you want to be, how will you feel if you haven’t done anything about it?
  8. By engaging in career development or performance improvement now, what do you think your life could look like in three months’ time?

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