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Making effective career decisions

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You have probably been thinking…

I’m not confident about making the right decision?

Feeling flat or disengaged at work?

Bored and unchallenged?

Don’t know what my real skills and strengths are?

Don’t know what to do next with my work?

Wondering how to make the right choice between options?

Don’t know what’s out there?

Helping you find your answers is the heart of our expertise

Career direction…

If you have any of these concerns, then it could be time to seriously re-consider your career direction. But is this the right time to act? If you are not sure, then work through the “Am I ready yet questions” here 

Maybe you never felt you found the right career fit for you at the start? It is never too late (or too soon) to review your career choices. We have huge experience in guiding clients through a re-think of their work and career situations.

Don’t put it off

Given that the average working person spends about 1800 hours at work each year – and many spend a lot more – there’s a huge amount of your life, and the quality of your life, at stake.

Forté Careers offers individual face-to-face consultations (we also work via Skype or Zoom) to help people express their interests and ideas, identify their strengths, clarify values and choose goals that really make sense for them.

And (most significantly) we get you started on moving towards work that really does tick all your boxes. To help maintain momentum, we also offer ongoing email and telephone coaching (or both).

Career Coaching Services…

Career Planning

Some career and work planning works brilliantly – and some does not. We know the difference and will ensure you work out the right kind of ‘career plan’ for your particular circumstances – starting from where you are right now and scaled to suit your capacity to change and develop given your time, energy and level of focus.

  • Identify the kind of career planning that suits your situation
  • Understand transition strategies and how they can help you get started
  • Most important of all – getting started. The planning is not over until you take action – so that’s a central part of the whole Forté process.
  • But is this the right time? If you are unsure look at the ‘am I ready questions?’

Career Progression

  • Discover smart ways to research your industry effectively
  • Learn what ‘personal branding’ really means
  • Learn how to market yourself successfully outside (and inside) your organisation and sector
  • Use powerful critical thinking frameworks to sort out the difference between internal and external obstacles and how to handle them
  • Identify the self-management skills you need to address issues with your current situation
  • But is this the right time? If you are unsure look at the ‘am I ready questions?’

Dealing With Redundancy

  • Find out how to get beyond redundancy – and thrive!
  • Develop transition strategies that are tailored to your situation
  • Deal with confidence issues
  • Learn how to talk about yourself in order to achieve the best outcome
  • Debrief your job searches properly – solve the puzzles from failed searches
  • How to exit with grace from an organisation in order to future-proof your work history
  • Learn how to start a new position powerfully and the key strategies you need to master in order to retain the clarity of your fresh perspective in your new position

Interview Preparation

  • Practice the one interviewing skill that makes all the other work pay off on the day
  • Identify your particular strengths and weakness relative to a particular position
  • Be trained in ways of presenting yourself that really do make a difference in the interview
  • Understand the dynamics of professional interviews and how to prepare for them
  • Refine answers to commonly asked interviews questions relevant to your situation
  • Find out how to prepare for those questions you hope you will not be asked
  • Get a comprehensive audit of how you present – this covers body language, wardrobe, voice, face and many other subtle behaviours that can make the difference between coming across as nervous and unsure as opposed to confident and capable.

Executive CV strategy & preparation

  • Get access to the Forte Careers CV Kit – written for NZ, by NZ experts and continually updated
  • Ensure your CV and CL are compatible with ATS (Applicant Tracking System) software
  • Properly integrate your CV, online presence, and your search strategy
  • Ensure the best alignment between your LinkedIn profile and your written presentation documents
  • Develop a CV and cover letter combination that stands out (in the right ways)
  • There are hundreds of different templates available on the internet, don’t be distracted by this. CV content and strategy beat the ‘look’ – so long as the ‘look’ is right

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