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Individual consultations – advanced career coaching to clarify your career choices, develop effective plans & transition strategies

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Professional coaching for managers, executives and staff in responsible roles – improve communication, reduce stress, drive performance and demonstrate leadership

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Workshops and seminars for professional service companies, boards and senior management teams – strengthen culture & communication, drive performance, transform productivity

FIND OUT MORETestimonials
“It was so wonderful and helpful to talk. I cannot emphasize enough how much all your support and coaching has helped me” J.H.
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Career Health Check

Is your work ticking all the boxes you want it to? Maybe you just need to buckle down, grin and bear it – after all ‘work is just work’ isn’t it?

No, work is NOT just work. A poor work situation can leave its mess all over the rest of your life and relationships. You do not need to put up with it.

Is it time to take action? You can find out – take 5 minutes to work through the Forté Career Health Check.

5 minute Career Health Check

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Professional Productivity

Are you being as effective as you could be? Being effective goes far beyond efficiency and productivity.

Are you struggling with skills for time management, business communication, relationship building? Are the fundamentals of self-management tripping you up – procrastination, perfectionism, confidence, focus?

Do you even know what’s possible for a person like you? Take 5 minutes for a reality check – take the Professional Productivity Review for a clear indication of how you are doing.

5 minute Professional Effectiveness Review

Talks to inspire

Max and Frances understand the vital importance of inspiration for satisfaction at work. With an acclaimed book under their belts, all their talks are premised on the power of inspiration to promote continuous improvement.

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About Forté

What: We provide professional consulting, coaching and training services to individuals, business and organisations – resolving career decisions, improving performance and transforming workplace productivity.

Where: Based in Ponsonby, Auckland, we also work remotely (Skype, Zoom) and travel widely delivering seminars and training workshops.

Who: We are long-term professional members of the Career Development Association of NZ, operate under CDANZ code of ethics and fulfil the Professional Development requirements of this professional association.

Why: Our vision and purpose has always been about valuing the worth of people – designing work, careers and workplaces that inspire.


Forté Clients Say…

Career decision making

I just wanted to say thank you for your time back in June. The time we spent together really opened my eyes to future possibilities and where I could see my career direction heading. After much thought I have decided to follow my deep interests, and I can honestly say that without your help I would have probably never taken this dramatic step – one could say I have since had an epiphany!  I very much appreciate the insight you provided me and wish you all the best.  RC


Executive coaching

I have extolled the virtues of your work to so many people who think I am very courageous. I put it down to having great advice from you …  the absolute best of which was how to get related to people in the line of work I want to do.  JA


Workplace effectiveness

Over the past few months dealing with the changes at work I have been very resilient and have remained positive about what was happening – your coaching on either loving your way through or hating your way through has been very powerful. I’ve chosen the former, its done me extremely well and I could not have done it without your help Frances. Thank you for your help.


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