Executive & Leadership Coaching Testimonials

Training Professionals

What was most helpful was listening to how you go about using the ‘mind dump’ process to set things up before using the Critical Thinking Framework you teach. It was also really helpful to listen to how to deal with client objections… I used these processes last Friday since speaking with you and it worked really well in terms of staying client-centred – thank you. D.B.

Skills, Techniques for greater effectiveness

Thank you for recommending those resources on personal effectiveness. They have been very useful in getting me started and handling multiple tasks and making sure that what I do is adding value, and the Kanban process is especially useful when I start to feel overwhelmed, …   I have been noticing the positive effects this has had.  With the workplace issues we discussed …. I’ve now been able to change my attitude for the better.  Though I’ve always enjoyed the work it’s been the staff and politics that had a negative effect on my enjoyment. But now, despite the long hours, I am able to focus my energy into making sure I am doing everything that’s asked of me, doing it well and keeping out of the politics.  N.T.

New options and greater resilience

I’m feeling a lot more settled with the work situation since our conversations and continuing to take more ‘proactive advantage’ of the networking opportunities that present themselves for better long-term employability and resilience. I can now see openings in the ‘big data’ area of the sector I’m working in that I hadn’t appreciated before.  B.O.

New behaviour and better attitudes

Thanks for all of your help and guidance; it has been very valuable.  I have a new perspective, and as I practice and consolidate new behaviours it will assist my career enormously.  R.M. (Principle – consulting services for a nation-wide engineering group)

New contract and work/life balance

I am happy to report that I have just signed my first job contract after seeing you first back in April! … the situation suits our family well. It goes without saying that I followed your advice, albeit a little slowly, and everything worked out. I am very grateful for your encouragement and support during that process.  J.A.

Clarity from new insights

I want to thank you for your wise words and advice last week. They have made a big difference to my state of mind (and emotions) around my new job.  I got the distinction between primary and secondary relationships and that has helped me see my current situation and the new position in a much clearer light. So, thank you! T.F.

Great Advice

“I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for all your great advice during that time. I’m now the editor and I use your business communication methods all the time! Anyway, hope you’re both well. Thanks again” R. R.

Case Comments

Case comment one

New direction within the company

Lots of things going on since we talked last: I approached my manager about a new direction within the company – and it started a few months after I came to see you guys. This new position plays to my skills of teaching and communicating with people. So I’ve been teaching our staff the basic science behind what we do and problem solving issues in the factory.

Better relationships

I’ve been using the communications skills that you taught me to improve my relationships with everyone in the business.

Scholarship win

These communications skills also allowed me to win the Emerging Leaders Network scholarship with my professional body. I got sent over to Las Vegas for a three day, full on, leadership course, followed by their conference. I networked with some really great leaders in some massive global companies.

Visibility & Promotion

I was just approached by my manager about a promotion, so obviously the changes are being noticed by more than just me. So, I am really delighted!   N.D.

Case Comment two

More honest, assertive and appreciative

The biggest thing that I’ve made progress in is being able to deal with the issues I’ve been facing in my current work and to manage them better. I’m more appreciative of what is working well, thankful to those I need to acknowledge, I am more honest in my conversations and more assertive in expressing my needs, concerns and wants. I have also resigned from the <demanding board role> and have come to an agreement with my manager to use work time for my other leadership responsibilities, rather than home time.

Career planning

The second thing that’s been going well is my plan for the future. I feel very comfortable with the steps I’ve planned and about following them through.

Resilience & direction

I’m extremely grateful for the clarity this process has given me. I feel better equipped to deal with my current and future work problems and feel confident in what I’d like to pursue in the future and how I’m going to get there.

Thanks so much for you time and support along the way.  R.B.