The One Critical Thing to do in the week before Christmas

(In addition to the 107 other things you must do in the last week of the working year …)

Be grateful for the year – ALL of it.

That is ‘feel’ grateful no matter what.

Whether you are a team member, manager, senior executive or someone just trying to wrap the year up – being grateful is a high-octane injection to pre-Christmas days.

How come? Because it cuts out noise you can do without. ‘Noise’ means the static of bad data. When you are under a bit of stress and think about the past year the temptation is to flick into judging and assessing mode – don’t. Judging and assessing at this time of year is unreliable at best – disturbing and energy sapping at worst. You can to do better.

Leave all that until you have restored some rationality and put a little distance between yourself and the events of the last 12 months.

Right now, you need compassion – for yourself and others. You just need to know that you did make it though the year. You have survived and hopefully you might even be able to say, thrived.

Whether you ‘just survived’ or ‘thrived’ is largely about how you think about it, and you can choose. So, choose now, make it a choice for thrived, and be grateful.

Whatever you have achieved, whatever has happened, will have all sorts of consequences. You still need to select which of them to let go, and which to grow in 2019 – that’s for the start of the New Year. But for now, just be grateful for what you have, what you have done, and feel the gratitude that deserves.

Get out a piece of paper and write down 20 things you really can be grateful for from 2018 – and share them with someone.

Happy Christmas!

Max and Frances


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