Workplace Effectiveness

Comprehensive approach…

Take team productivity to a new level

Strengthen culture and engagement

Increase resilience and agility

Lower stress and tension

Build effective communication across the team

Team context

  • Communication skills
  • Planning techniques
  • Strategic planning
  • Team performance
  • Culture, cohesiveness

Management level

  • Productivity improvement
  • Conducting meetings effectively
  • Client relationship building skills
  • Selling professional services
  • Market research for consultant services
“When the company was established in 2004, the Directors recognised that they needed assistance with many aspects of establishing the business and setting it up so that it could become an enduring enterprise. We turned to Frances and Max for assistance and they have been working with us ever since.”

Addressing your specific needs

Every workshop, training & motivational presentation we take on is designed to serve your needs, and the specific results you are looking for. Our total focus is on the conditions, skills and mind-sets needed to produce them. That’s where we start and where we stay

“Along the journey they have worked closely with Directors to establish the principles and culture of the business, to facilitate and support planning and strategy sessions, to analyse team performance and tailor business-wide training workshops”

Adding value through

  • Performance coaching (with individuals, managers and directors)
  • Educational sessions (introducing tools, models and mind-sets)
  • Training exercises (trial-review-adapt cycles)
“These workshops have been invaluable for all staff and have included coaching communication strategies at all levels, developing skills for achieving customer delight and teaching/coaching methods and mindsets to improve productivity”

Individual excellence

All our work is based on motivating and inspiring people to be the best they can be – no holds barred!

“And in addition to the workshops, Frances and Max have achieved great results for us through working with many staff individually on specific work-place performance issues.” PS (Managing Director)


Shifting workplace and business cultures is a challenge for everyone in management and leadership roles – it takes thoughtful planning, training and meticulous execution.

Forté Career & Business Designs has been helping people-leaders do this work for more than a decade – building workplace cultures that express and support continuous improvement and valuing the worth of the team.

“Your teachings have infused (not always consciously) into the workings of our business, which has significantly contributed to our culture and brand value. Best money we have ever spent!” Director: Professional Service Consultancy

See what our clients say…


Max and Frances leading business training: Workplace Effectiveness and Communications at Sheraton, Fiji

Max and Fran at the drawing board during a workshop
Max at the drawing board during a workshop
Fran at the drawing board during a workshop
Max at the drawing board

Forté Clients Say…