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The best advice is to plan for redundancy

Frances interviewed by Julie Middleton

Whether your position is likely to be made redundant or not, it's never too early to prepare yourself for the likelihood.

"Start thinking like an independent contractor, consultant or business owner. Think Me Inc," says Auckland career counsellor Fran Harre.

"This way, you start to build the attitudinal muscle that will enable you to thrive on a redundancy should you get landed with one."

And if you never face a layoff, she adds, you will still be in a better position because of the skills and self-responsibility you will be developing through taking on this project.

Start a conversation now with your partner or a trusted friend or colleague about what you would do if you were made redundant.

"Prepare Plan B now," says Harre - or plan R for Redundancy, as she and her clients term it.

"Often, talking about Plan R opens up the possibility that the time may be coming where you want to explore another career direction entirely, or self-employment of some sort," she says.
With a contingency plan in mind, a redundancy "that might otherwise have blown the roof right off will turn out to be just a stiff breeze".

New Zealand Herald

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