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(2) Sophie writes: From floating with several study options to being really inspired and committed to going to university with a clear career path laid out

Why am I so worried?  …
When I came to see you Fran I had some ideas about what I wanted to study but I had to ask myself  “If I’m 100% sure then why am I worried”?
I was also worried that employers would not respect a Fine Arts degree in the future.

I liked coming to see you because …

  • Working with you through processes to discover that I can confidently say “I am creative”.
  • Going through the mapping work that enabled me to see what I want to do after my study, and how it will influence what other papers I include in my degree.
  • The way you were able to find out more than one thing that I can now see I can include as part of my career, rather than just focussing on one thing.
  • The detailed ways you made me feel I was taking charge of my own destiny.
  • How you enabled me to see new possibilities from my skills.

Building confidence and self trust …
Now I have a sense of confidence and trust in myself and my career path and a determination to achieve my goals. Employers in the areas I want to go into will respect my degree and the skills it teaches me. I am looking forward to doing a degree that will nurture my creativity.

New positive responses …
The good thing is that because I’m feeling good about my choice, when I talk to others they are responding positively also.

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